Die Casting & Finishing

Aluminum Die Casting is RDS's Core Business, our Fiery Hearth.

Our Die Casting department is equipped with ten presses, ranging from 250-Ton to 800-Ton of closing force, allowing us to cast parts from few grams to fifteen kilograms in weight.

We are equipped with three melting furnaces, enabling us to sustain different alloys simultaneously, and provide Automotive-ready metallurgic quality thanks to carefully controlled melting and degassing.

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Making Satisfaction

It's not easy to make a great product - it's even harder to make a great manufacturing process for it. That's why we're here.

RDS can handle dozens of different productions every month on dozens of molds and different metal alloys. Several melting furnaces enable us to switch between EN AB 46000, 46100, 47100, 44300 and many other alloys to satisfy every need of our costumers.

Before every production our equipment is cleaned and maintained by our experts.

All of our alloys are degassed and kept at a constant temperature thanks to our ovens, at the time of injection we can grant the best quality and very low porosity which enable us to respect very tight dimensional constraints.

Creating satisfaction in the form of works of art is the mission of our foundry: strength, efficiency and precision are our key words.

Going Beyond

Our foundry is only the beginning. Through a dense network of partners in many areas of the manufacturing world, RDS is able to supply not only aluminum products but also brass and zamak and to process them to satisfy any mechanical requirement.

We can directly make aging and high-productivity processing in transfer: our partners instead compensate for temprature, mechanical processing, surface treatments such as sandblasting, tumbling, polishing, polishing, painting and impregnation, cataphoresis.

Whatever you have in mind, all you have to do is let us know: We'll take care of the rest.

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Post Processing

RDS Keeps going forward. In 2019, we launched our internal post-processing department.

We are capable of delivering any kind of finishing, machining or treatment you need. Thanks to our extensive network of subcontractors which add up to our post-processing department we are capable of delivering deburring, sandblasting, tumbling, anodization, machining, painting.

We own two sandblasting machines,  one rotary mill, one two-station grinder as well as several drilling stations, and we're aiming at a continuos increase of our activities.