Industrialization & Tooling

We offer industrialization of your ideas and tool construction, as well as accessory services such as Reverse Engineering.

Technical knowledge is the core of what we do.

For over sixty years RDS has designed and constructed tools for die casting and other productive technologies. We are a reliable partner for co-designing and industrializing your parts for the die casting process, able to find critical aspects on your parts and save headaches - and money - later in the productive process.

With our internal technicians and our network of tool-makers, we are able to refine your parts into productive perfection and grant only the best of die casting processes and tools.

Our designers are able to prepare your CAD drawings for industrial manufacturing, carefully evaluating the insertion of drafts, closure lines and extraction marks.

By involving the experts of our quality department and your technicians we can best evaluate the real functional aesthetic needs of your items to create a perfect product for your needs at the lowest possible cost.

Having the physical product in hand before proceeding with the investments necessary to bring it into production can make the difference.

We have equipped ourselves with a 3D printer capable of handling PLA, ABS, Nylon, PC, PTEG, PP and many others and through our network of suppliers we are able to produce prototypes in sintered aluminum.

We can supply prototypes with functional characteristics comparable to the final products or simple reproductions; whatever your need is, we are ready to satisfy it

Knowing something is useful when you use it - and when you share it.

We believe in absolute transparency in our work: Every file, report, photo or information regarding your process, your equipment and your printed matter is shared with you.

Only you really know what you want to achieve: this is why our technicians are committed to keeping an open channel with yours. Our common knowledge is the one that can complete the job.

Making a mold is one thing, creating an efficient and effective production process is another.

For us, developing equipment means not just creating a tool. It means creating the right tool and defining how to use it to its maximum capacity to produce extraordinary artifacts on schedule.

For this reason, we use the experience of our people and powerful simulation tools in our design to create the best possible equipment, by anticipating the best parameterization in advance.

We consider the development of a complete equipment when it carries out its work effectively and efficiently. The work of our mold technicians continues until the last test - when the printed materials will be worthy of your expectations.

When a new process is carried out or an existing process is modified, for example by building a new equipment, traditionally it is necessary to perform a sampling to be submitted to the customer for approval - considerably delaying the actual production.

Our COMET L3D allows us to scan an entire printout and measure the deviation from your CAD drawing or from another previously approved scan on millions of points.

We can guarantee the conformity of the printed matter within a few hours of the molding - without annoying shipping from a few dozen pieces.

A process is complete only if it produces a result consistent with your needs.

This is why we believe in quality not as something that is "done after" hoping to have done things well, but rather as an integral part of the development of a production process.

Our quality department is a fundamental part of our technical area and actively participates in the development of production processes. We are equipped with an optical scanning machine, a CMM, a mass spectrometer, durometers, presses for mechanical tests, roughness testers, microscopes and much more.

We define with you the right quality requirements of the project, we understand how to guarantee them, and we ensure that they have been correctly achieved.

This is quality for us.

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Tool Construction

RDS Constructs its tools through a network of qualified tool workshops. Leveraging qualified partners we are able to provide the best costs, the best timing and the best quality for constructing your tools.

Through its history RDS constructed, either internally or externally, over three thousand production tools. We have no doubt we'll meet your needs and expectations.

The Tools for the Job

RDS's Network is able to realize complicated requests with efficiency and experience.

Internally, RDS is equipped with five milling work centers, three EDM machines, a lathe, a grinder and other accessory machines for finishing, adjusting and maintaining tools.

Located at the center of the workshop are the work benches of our maintenance technicians. With 3 highly equipped stations managed by our expert maintenance workers, we are able to quickly prepare even the most complicated molds and quickly return them to work following breakages or ordinary maintenance needs.

With a fair combination of externalized and internal operations, we provide reliability, speed and quality.

  • CAD Design

    The technical defines the processes and equipment needed to make your article and designs them.

  • CAM Development

    A CAM designer transforms the CAD model into a machine path and designs any electrodes.

  • Processing

    The equipment is milled and electro-eroded where necessary.

  • Adjustment and assembly

    An experienced technician adjusts the mold with small filings and polishing in order to best assemble your equipment and guarantee its correct functioning.

  • Mold testing and approval

    Samples are taken, analyzed and the molds are reworked until the customer's approval.

  • Start Production

    The equipment passes to the other production departments and can start the actual production.

A Strategic Asset

Closely tied to our Die Casting foundry and adjacent to it, our workshop is capable of rapidly handling both new projects and maintenance requests simultaneously.



The equipment warehouse has in storage over 400 molding equipment whose positions are carefully traced in our IT systems. A mold can be on the adjustment bench in less than ten minutes from the moment it is removed from a machine or removed from the warehouse.

The internal workshop is something still often absent in Italian foundries. In RDS it is an essential resource that allows you to reduce lead times and earn a lot in efficiency and punctuality.